You are currently viewing this as a Guest. Most of the online turnover is still being generated in Western Europe, which accounts for approximately 70 percent of total European online retail turnover. Even as consumers transitioned en masse to ecommerce during the pandemic, the drag caused by multiple recessions internationally has reduced the overall outlook. The 2019 European E-commerce Report has announced a growth in e-commerce of 13%, with sales of around 621 billion euros. It is forecasted that revenue in the e-commerce market will reach US$391,841 m in 2020. Ecommerce sales in Europe grew to 621 billion euros in 2019 and are set to be worth 717 billion euros in 2020. It devotes special attention to new developments since the last report and until 31 August 2019. Judging from the high CAGR of 5.5%, the market is expected to exceed revenues of US$563.3 billion by 2025. Ecommerce Europe is the sole voice of the European Digital Commerce sector. European Court of Auditors - 12, rue Alcide De Gasperi - 1615 LUXEMBOURG - Tel. Download the European 2020 Ecommerce Regional Report for an all-encompassing analysis of one of the largest and most diverse B2C ecommerce markets in the world. Download the European 2020 Ecommerce Regional Report for an all-encompassing analysis of one of the largest and most diverse B2C ecommerce markets in the world. We look at 34 countries via a combination of facts and figures, interviews with industry experts, and case studies into such business-critical issues as Brexit and Covid-19. We value your privacy and will never rent or sell your email address. In 2020 global eCommerce market will cross the two trillion US$ threshold. and online advertisements. Therefore, we would like to thank Ecommerce Operations for their hard work in creating this report. Please register as a member to get access to our content. Comments from Ecommerce Europe and Eurocommerce, the most important ecommerce and retail trade associations in Europe, Overview of the European B2C online retail market (34 countries), Country rankings in important ecommerce logistics indices, Country data pages with detailed charts and graphs, Q&As with 27 national ecommerce experts associations throughout Europe, Case study Q&As with leading experts in European ecommerce: Corsearch, Holland International Distribution Council and Revolte Studios, Partner perspectives: Asendia, ChannelAdvisor, Vtex and PFS, Case studies: Brexit, Covid-19 and M-Commerce, Growth and Change: from ‘Baskets’ to ‘Customers’. Report. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 50 countries Taxation Trends in Europe 2020 5 Acknowledgements This report was prepared under the direction of Benjamin Angel (Director at DG TAXUD) and, Gaëtan Nicodème and . This region accounts for 70 percent of the total ecommerce value in Europe. Report. This report will help focus efforts and resources of the European Commission on countries and on the specific areas of concern, with the aim of improving IPR protection and enforcement worldwide. The findings of the 2019 European E-commerce Report published in late August were very positive, with growth in online sales of more than … An annual growth of 6.0% will lead to revenues of US$565.9 billion by 2025. According to 99Firms’ Ecommerce Statistics for 2020, the ecommerce market is not only thriving, but it’s expected that more than 95% of all purchases to be conducted via ecommerce by 2040. CEO, MindShare Germany. Quick Analysis with our professional Research Service: Content Marketing & Information Design for your projects: With this report we provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the eCommerce market as it is today as well as a prognosis with detailed information on 5 segments and their 13 different market sub-segments in the areas of Fashion, Electronics & Media, Food & Personal Care, Furniture & Appliances and Toys, Hobby & DIY. We write about cross-border, payments, omnichannel and much more! New, Figures and insights about the advertising and media world, Industry Outlook But this impression can be misleading – the digital transformation is not over yet and is unlikely to ever come to a halt, driven by the flow of innovation coming from numerous start-ups and a growing cashflowfrom fast-developing Asian economies. The fastest growing ecommerce market in the world is China. Yet despite these foundations, Covid-19 has placed a heavy strain on the logistics of ecommerce trade across Europe, leading many consumers to buy online more often from local suppliers. We use cookies so we can provide you with the best online experience. Note: CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate / average growth rate per year, Christof Baron about Statista It emphasised smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in order to improve Europe's competitiveness and productivity and underpin a sustainable social market economy. Overview and forecasts on trending topics, Key figures and rankings about brands and companies, Consumer insights and preferences in various industries, Detailed information about political and social topics, All key figures about regions and countries, Everything you need to know about Consumer Goods, Identify market potentials of the digital future, Technology Market Outlook One continent – five regions In the report, Europe is divided into five regions: Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern and Central Europe. Furthermore, besides our known focus regions U.S., China and Europe, we now also provide detailed figures on the top 5 EU countries to enable more insights into the market.The eCommerce market has evolved from a simple counterpart of brick and mortar retail to a shopping ecosystem that involves multiple devices and store concepts. The report is targeted at the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their teams, at the general public, interested entr epreneurs, and European decision makers in digital services. RetailX has just launched the Europe 2020: Ecommerce Regional Report, a full and in-depth analysis of one of the largest and most diverse B2C ecommerce markets in the world, available to download at priced at €999 or free to download for retailers.. The Chinese market is worth US$862.6 billion in 2019, with Fashion being the biggest segment. The Commission launched the sector inquiry into e-commerce on 6 May 2015, as part of the Digital Single Market strategy, on the basis of European Union ("EU") competition rules, pursuant to Article 17 of Regulation 1/2003. European ecommerce turnover is forecast to grow at around 12.7% and to hit €717 billion in 2020. Members of Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce now have FREE access. Europe: Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$425,182m in 2020. Primary research data & analysis is provided to InternetRetailing under licence by RetailX. 2020 Digital Trends in Europe 6 EMEA companies focus on optimising the customer experience The Digital Trends 2020 report makes an overwhelming case for the value of customer experience investment. The State of Fashion 2020 Fashion leaders are not looking forward to 2020. We show user demographics, selected key market drivers, online shopping attitudes, cross-border shares and payment types that eCommerce customers use. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The main editor of the report was David Arranz (DG TAXUD), with contributions and support from Günther Ebling. The Europe 2020 strategy is the EU's agenda for growth and jobs for the 2010 - 2020 decade. The report also covers leading and preferred payment and delivery methods for each country, and offers quantitative analysis of leading marketplaces. As a result of joining forces with EMOTA, Ecommerce Europe now represents, via its 25 national associations, more than 100,000 companies selling goods and services online to consumers in Europe. Facebook: number of monthly active users worldwide 2008-2020, Smartphone market share worldwide by vendor 2009-2020, Number of apps available in leading app stores 2020, Consumer electronics e-commerce in the United States, Holiday season e-commerce in the United States, Christmas season shopping in the Netherlands, Market size of B2C e-commerce in Italy 2016-2020, B2C e-commerce sales volume in Spain 2007-2019, Value of B2C e-commerce purchases in Italy 2016-2020, Import cross-border B2C e-commerce platforms' market share in China Q3 2020, Find your information in our database containing over 20,000 reports, Tools and Tutorials explained in our Media Centre, All relevant eCommerce data, including market size & forecasts for the next five years, Regional development with the focus regions & countries: U.S., China, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy and Europe as a region, Segment overview, KPI comparison,assumptions and trends, Shop profiles (,,, Shop profiles (,,, Shop profiles (,,, Shop profiles (,,, Shop profiles (,,, Global eCommerce revenue forecast in billion US$, Total eCommerce revenue forecast in billion US$, Representative eCommerce key players by type and segment, Cross-border shares for selected countries in 2019, Cross-border shares for selected U.S. stores, Payment method share in the U.S. in 2019 and in 2025 in percent, Payment method share in China in 2019 and in 2025 in percent, Payment method share in Europe in 2019 and in 2025 in percent, Global fixed broadband subscriptions and average connection speed in 2019, Global segment sizes forecast in billion US$, eCommerce segment revenues in Europe in 2019, The biggest specialized shops in the top European countries, Unlimited access to statistics, Market Outlooks and forecasts. Download now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and arm yourself with the knowledge to build a successful business in Europe. Also expect to see: industry expert interviews, performance-driven analysis of 34 individual countries and illuminating case studies into such business-critical issues as Brexit and Covid-19. European B2C Ecommerce Report offers great insights into European ecommerce markets and it contains valuable information for companies that want to start cross-border trading in Europe. As part of the sector inquiry, the Commission requested information from a variety of actors in e-commerce markets throughout the EU both in relation to the online sales of consumer goods (such as electronics, … Report. In contrast to last year, when there were pockets of optimism in North America and within the luxury segment, we now see pessimism across all geographies and price points. : +352 4398-1 Special Report no 12/2019: E-commerce: many of the challenges of collecting VAT and customs duties remain to … Experts predict that retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.13 trillion in 2020. Brands classified as CX leaders are three times more likely than their peers to have significantly exceeded their 2019 business goals. Television Update Fall 2020. This report is based on the assumption that inventions of digital services and technologies have a benign core and have been developed for a useful purpose. Growth in ecommerce sales reached €636 billion in 2019, up by 14.2% from the previous year. The third biggest eCommerce market in 2019 is Europe with revenues of 351.9 billion. In other words, the Chinese market is expected to show the largest growth rates of the three major regions. Voice Assistant and Smart Speaker Users 2020. 2020 Ecommerce Platforms Report Retailers consider Ecommerce Platforms to be one of their most important technology expenses for the year Over 60% of Top 1000 retailers use a vendor to power their ecommerce platform. Ana Xavier (Heads of Unit at DG TAXUD). EU Newlegislation is expected in the forthcoming services digital act package, and this will set rules on how companies such as facts. Ecommerce Europe presents the 2020 analysis of the European Ecommerce Market, in partnership with EuroCommerce. 2020’s Biggest US Forecasting Shocks. THE UK MOBILE BANKING COMPETITIVE EDGE REPORT 2020: How the largest UK financial institutions rank ... Report. This report has been created by Ecommerce Operations for Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce with hand-selected data that will help national and overseas retailers to evaluate the potential for success in Europe. Click on the banner to find out more. What is the Europe 2020 strategy about? Revenues are expected to grow at a CAGR1 of 7.9% up to 2025, resulting in revenues of US$1,635.8 billion. European Ecommerce brings owners of growing businesses together with angel investors to get great businesses funded. Few regions around the globe can boast the same level of connectivity between countries in terms of infrastructure, trade policy and the single market. The decision initiating the sector inquiry is available in three languages: en - fr - de . Retailers and brands entering the European market will want to be sure they understand the unique traits of each specific market in which they are interested. Order a Project Account now to get immediate access to our dossiers, studies and reports. We’ll see if these good predictions turn out to be true. New, Everything you need to know about the industry development, Find studies from all around the internet. The European Commission has pledged to present a new framework to increase and harmonise the responsibilities of online platforms. Western Europe most developed ecommerce market. This report offers an on-the-ground perspective with 27 national ecommerce association interviews, where experts explain the intricacies of their own national markets. COVID-19 has massively accelerated the growth of e-commerce, according to an Adobe report released today. Ending unjustified cross-border barriers, facilitating cheaper cross-border parcel deliveries, protection of online customer rights and promoting cross border access to online content are cornerstones of the Digital Single Market Strategy. Total online spending in May hit $82.5 billion, up 77% year-over-year. As the associations who together represent the majority of retailers in this most dynamic of regions, we will be joined by their leadership to give their insight on the findings, the key themes and outlooks and of course their reflections on the major commercial and strategic issues … How PEPCO and Poundland have Flexed and Focused - Webinar, RetailX Benelux 2020 Report in discussion, GUEST COMMENT The resuscitation of the Great British High Street, GUEST COMMENT How cross-border can help UK retailers beat the lockdown, EDITORIAL How retailers must adapt as peak sales go mobile and social, PEAK 2020 How couriers and retailers are responding to the ‘exceptionally high’ number of parcels to be delivered this year, How the retail and logistics industries are responding to high online demand and no deal Brexit fears, Superhuman online experiences: How AI empowers product discovery and inspiration, Made to order: Sustaining service and pivoting to omnichannel with a flexible supply chain, The range challenge: Offering more for less in the 2020 shift online, Smart delivery: Meeting customer demands in the Covid era. Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report Download the European 2020 Ecommerce Regional Report for a full and in-depth analysis of one of the largest and most diverse B2C ecommerce markets in the world. Update, Insights into the world's most important technology markets, Advertising & Media Outlook Besides all relevant market figures like total and average revenues, and user numbers for the years from 2019 to 2025, we furthermore give detailed insights into current trends, key players and important background information on the eCommerce market. But according to Ecommerce Europe, the full impact of the virus will be visible next year. Ecommerce growth set to continue in 2020 Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce today jointly launched the European Ecommerce Regional Report 2020. Global retail ecommerce sales will decelerate to a 16.5% growth rate in 2020. If you can help us or are just curious about what we do we would like to tell you more. The prevailing mood among respondents to our executive survey is one of anxiety and concern. Ecommerce News is a daily blog featuring news about the ecommerce industry in Europe. European lawmakers are pressing major e-commerce and media platforms to share more data with each other as a tool to fight rogue traders who … and over 1 Mio. Europe includes some of the most mature ecommerce markets in the world, such as the United Kingdom and France, but also up-and-coming markets such as Serbia, Croatia and North Macedonia. The EU has adopted targets to be reached by 2020 in five areas: Employment The Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report shows that Western Europe is still the most developed ecommerce market in Europe. The European Commission breaks down online barriers so that people may enjoy full access to all goods and services offered online by businesses in the EU. In the U.S. market, revenues of US$360.0 billion were generated in 2019. In spite of a slowing Chinese economy, a shift in purchasing power from the U.S. and Europe to China and Southeast Asia has begun, fueled by the growing number of consumers gaining access to eCommerce due to growing purchasing power and internet penetration, especially on mobile devices.Comparing the three major eCommerce markets – the U.S., China and Europe – China was the biggest market in 2019 and will stay in the lead through 2025. Now, when looking at the eCommerce landscape, we see a relatively mature market with established players and a clear set of rules. The European Ecommerce Report 2019 provides an extensive description of the state of ecommerce in Europe. Built on months of research, this report is brimming with helpful facts and figures which illustrate internet use, GDP, population metrics and more to ensure easy navigation of the European ecommerce landscape.

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