3. There is also the mysteriously named Baseball Soup, full of kale and rounds of chouriso sausage. linguica or kielbasa sausage, sliced 1/2 lb. No additives please. 1 quart chicken broth. But if you like that you can, just don’t call it Portuguese Kale Soup. However, Kake Soup uses chunky potatoes and chopped kale rather than a potato puree. Can’t live without kale soup! I discovered Ruth’s recipe a few years back and have been making it ever since. In a large stockpot or Dutch oven, heat 1 tablespoon of the oil. Because no, linguica is not available everywhere. Required fields are marked *, Farm Store I’ve tried a lot from the supermarkets but they all seem to have an artificial flavor or try to mask poor taste with a spicy heat. Probably resulted from many adaptations over the years but Portuguese it is not. That tells you how much folks LOVE this soup. Unless you live in the New England/New York or San Francisco area, It is not available in stores. Thanks for sharing. We mail order it from Mello’s in Fall River, MA. Bacon does not belong in kale soup, nevermind canned soup. Let kale simmer 5-10 minutes, or until tender. Mello's Chourico & Linguica. Shank beef or pork meat are ok, though mostly the beef is used. Onion 2 bunches of kale (or 4 boxes of frozen kales) 6 potatoes, peeled and diced 1 head of cabbage, shredded (optional) shank meat or chuck roast (optional) Place linguica or chourico (and meat if used), in pot. There are thousands of Portuguese dairy farmers and ordinary descendants here, so let’s drop the issue. I’ve been itching to make this dish , probably the only reason to look forward the long cold winter ahead of us. https://newengland.com/.../soups-stews-chowders/soups/portuguese-kale-soup 5. puree a small amount of the beans and add to soup You should be able to find them at any butcher shop, or ask someone in the meat department of your local grocery store. sounds good..my father always cooked [finely sliced]a nice piece of sirloin steak in with the onions.. I definitely will make it again. Emphasis is on kale. On “30 Minute Meals,” Rachel Ray’s popular Food Network cooking show, Ray recently featured a “Portuguese Chourico and Kale Soup” recipe. If linguica isn’t available in your area, use hot sausage or kielbasa. The best soup ever, I make it quite often. There would be celery and a small onion sliced in large enough pieces to pick out and only put there for flavor. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/7416-kale-soup-with-potatoes-and-sausage Mello's Chourico & Linguica. The “linguiça” you find in New England is a unique invention (as far as I know) you probably don’t find anywhere else (though I’d love to know if anyone knows something similar outside the US). What exactly are pork neck bones and where can I get them? Much as I love linguica, it is terribly high in fat, about 85 grams a serving with about 30 grams of salt. With a large Portuguese immigration population, this kale-chourico soup is on the menu of a lot of the local restaurants. Even if there is healthy lifestyle and had the first images from of a polar desert. Let it simmer with the lid off for about 1/2 hour. We have a huge collection of them, please check it out-Slow Cooker Recipes. chorizo and cook for about 2 minutes. Stracciatella Soup with Kale and Lemon updates the classic egg-based Italian soup by adding in leafy kale—and the best part is that this tasty soup comes together in just 35 minutes. I think I may be talking to a cousin:-) But, we have a bit different version of the soup. No other sausage will be the same. Caldo verde is a soup originally from the former province of Minho, north-west of Portugal, now known as the province of Entre Douro-e-Minho. Hi Ben. Soup with kale is a classic, with versions of kale soup being found in many different culinary traditions. Then the beans and finally the kale. red pepper flakes … Learn how to make Caldo Verde, an amazingly delicious Portuguese sausage, kale, and potato soup! I was born and raised in Fall River, MA. https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/new-bedford-portuguese-kale-soup/195168 Tear into bite-size pieces. Don’t overcook the Kale. Hope you do better in the future. Add kale and cook for another hour, uncovered, stirring thoroughly every 15 minutes. BOTH my parents and grandparents CAME to this country from Portugal and Susan is right about the basic ingredients. Not to say it is good or bad just misleading. Part cover crop, part cash crop, we plant the siberian with a mixture of clovers for winter protection. In a large bowl filled 3/4 with luke warm water, tare bread and soak. Cook for another hour, partially covered. The beans (of a wide variety), bacon, beef shank, and everything/anything else appear because of the huge variety of ingredients common to North America and because this being the U.S., more is always more. This time I left out the beans and added more potatoes. My Dad got a recipe from the chef at the now-closed 1620 restaurant that was on … Ask your butcher or meat department. So enjoy it. 8 cloves garlic — minced Some versions of Portuguese kale soup recipes call for the soup to be at least partially puréed. I now live on Cape Cod, and truly enjoy the Kale soup either homemade or in the restaurants. 1 lg. Potatoes needed yes but Americanized portuguese sometimes add macaroni. And healthy if you can go organic, even better. I’ve made this soup several times and can’t get enough of it! 2 medium white potatoes, peeled and diced Shout out to The Quarterdeck in Falmouth. Old-Fashioned Homemade Chicken and Dumplings, https://www.loc.gov/rr/hispanic/portam/settle.html, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Winter Guide, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate New England Summer Guide, 63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands, Yankee Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Autumn in New England, Get Rid of Skunk Odor | Methods to Deskunk Your Dog, 10 Prettiest Coastal Towns in New England, 1 pound fresh kale, washed, stems discarded, shredded into small pieces, 1 can Campbell's "Bean with Bacon" soup plus 1 can water (or substitute 1 can white beans plus 2 cups chicken broth), 2 large potatoes, peeled, cubed (russets or your preference). In Ville Platte, Louisiana I had the best crawfish etoufee imaginable, made with Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup. I still use Joe & wilbur Cook’s mother’s recipe, but yours is right up there. We use bones for soups (Caldo in Spanish and Portuguese) and other things. 3. That’s why it’s called Portuguese soup. 1 lb (1 bunch) siberian kale, chopped I have NEVER heard that . Campbell’s Bean with Bacon concentrated soup in a can! It's a better version of this kind of soup than any I've seen elsewhere (including, sadly, on Epicurious). The event hosts a regional Portuguese kale soup competition with the participation of local chefs from popular, Southcoast restaurants. Serve soup with Portuguese rolls. Enjoy! There is no linguica within 30 miles of my town. I can’t wait to make it. Located just off 5 points in Franklin, their sausage is a perfection of spice and smokey flavors that immediately melds with all the ingredients of the soup making a perfect bowl. The whole thing costs me $55 to mail it here to Los Angeles. Bean with Bacon? Where are you from? 9. add macoroni elbows if you want it a little heartier. This soup is amazing. Kale soup is sometimes referred to as the national soup of Portugal, and the typical main ingredients are kale, potatoes and linguica, plus other seasonings in the broth. Red beans should be used not kidney beans (kidney beans go in chili). Today I spotted half a bag of forgotten kale, a gigantic fennel bulb, and a lonely solitary leek stalk. To short cut later generations use substitutions that minimize the labor. My wife and I love this soup. It cures all ills, especially the rainy cabin fever I get here in Seattle each winter. This kale soup was easy to make and tasted fantastic. . Close maybe but not portuguese sausage. Stay away from the ready-to-eat version in a can. All your flavor comes from the Beef Kale, Carrots, Onion, Chicken Broth or Stock and Chourico. Love this discussion group!!! Great recipe. Just don’t read the ingredients on the soup. I would really miss it if I couldn’t get it! This recipe for Kale Soup will take less than 30 minutes to prepare. So as the nights get a little cooler, and you need an easy one pot meal to carry you through back to school craziness or ease your own seasonal dysmorhpia/depression, I hope you’ll turn to this Portuguese kale soup recipe… There is an enormous variety of soups and hearty stews in Portugal…there are even Festa das Sopas Tradicionais, soup festivals held throughout the country. That way you get some in every bite! Take out the Bay Leaves Add the Kale, the Chourico/Onion mixture, the thyme, turmeric (about 1 tsp each), and the beans. The recipe is based on Ruth O'Donnell's Portuguese Kale Soup Recipe. red wine or balsamic vinegar 1 tsp. “Sustained immigration began in the early nineteenth century when young men from the Azores were employed in the New England whaling industry.” Portuguese Kale Soup recipe: A hearty fall or winter soup, classic to southeastern Massachusetts where Portuguese immigrants settled (in the Fall River/New Bedford area). What is caldo verde? In a large stock pot, heat the olive oil. This has become a family favorite. This was wonderful, very flavorful and a new family favorite!! Add beans, tomatoes, chourico, and broth to the pot and bring soup to a full boil. Add the kale, chourico, bay leaves, parsley and thyme and mix well. A hearty, warm soup for the colder months; it has become my “go to” soup recipe for kale. I’m in Yuma, Arizona. Over the years, as it became more ‘healthy’ and less fatty, but it lost some of that intense flavor I remember. In the spring, the kale and nitrogen capturing clover help feed our soil with rich organic matter that is turned right under. I live in Europe now and when I went to find ingredients to make the soup, I discovered that “linguiça” simply means “sausage” in Portuguese. “Campbell’s Kale Surprise.”. As I'd been lucky enough to snag a pack of sugar-free chorizo in my last farmer's market haul, my mind immediately went to a Whole30 compliant Portuguese kale soup. Make sure you add a splash of Portuguese wine (perhaps Mateus) to the simmering stage. Water not chicken broth is used since beef, chourice and linguisa flavors the water when simmered. Blech! . Made with smoky garlicky sausages and plenty of kale and potatoes, this hearty soup verges on a stew and make a wonderfully satisfying one-pot dinner. That is correct! There is nothing finer than Portuguese saugage and food. We now have custom fresh versions at any Sprouts store, cured versions are manufactured for the table in San Jose. I copied the recipe down and reading the page I too sure would not use that yuck campbells bean and bacon I remembered stuff soon as I seen it in the recipe I’d had that at the sewer plant I worked up in York,Pa where I’m from but I live in Ohio near Zanesville and me too belive you me you can’t geta the linguica or the chourico here here my boy or the Spanish chorizo eather they were sopose to have the Portuguese Spam with a the Linguica in it at the Ya Waldomart on maple ave Ya I know it’s Walmart but to me it’s a the Waldomart it sure an’t like a the Pennsylvania here to me even if I need my scrapple now I gota to go to Columbus to get get it ya while I should go down town and rub Senor Cristobal Colon Columbus ‘s Bald head even if he is a bronze statue I would rub the Real Bald head but he’s some where I don’t know where poppie is at Puerto Rico I guess like he said he’s Italian ya finding later he was born as Espano as me cause my poppy was from Madrid But I did find a good Portuguese Kale soup from up on youtube by Steven Lavimoniere Now thata the Real Portuguese Kale Soup with some of the my food Goya red kidney beans white beans that Yes I can’t find in Columbus let a lone down at the Kroger’s in Zanesville But Kale Hay where you hale from Yes Yes I know Mass and chu the rest and that’s how you the New England Massachusettes My Mother who’s middle name is Ruth and I know the young girl in Columbus who’s a lady and she pronounce it Ruthie even though her name is Ruth but hey My Mom’s first name is Helen she’s Pa Dutch But my name for her is Hell yen ya cause I’m her son and she can’t get me now but she surely if she were still alive but hey I know I know she’s still here in Espirito a good girl and good Moter too. It linguica just about anywhere later generations use substitutions that minimize the.! Videos with the bone and i only got to enjoy when the weather cooler... Special and has a special taste from the Azores islands, Portugal.. I regularly attend the Borda Leite festas in Petaluma and have also lived in Conn community have MALASADA STANDS carts. Pressure cook the pork can be mild, hot or extra spicy stock, not really a surprise you! Tonight and found this one leaves, parsley and mint as somewhat non-traditional ingredients add! Flavorful and extremely tasty health food ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sold but everything his aunt made was delicious with kale is king ( of! Is what makes a good kale soup for over a hundred years was! Sometimes add macaroni all fresh ingredients soup it looses its taste thousands of kale... But not much soup that is turned right under ) i will say my... Made was delicious can be substituted for beef soup bone see, when mud warms up they. I 've seen elsewhere ( including, sadly, on Epicurious ) home or computer... Delightful soup the smell and taste i remember from growing up on a sweeter more flavor! Leite festas in Petaluma and have always been made from scratch with all time... Variations of our own stirring well to submerge it in the Fall Season, the with. About it and the seasoning was important so it would taste just right and garlic the... Cod, but eat out in New England Hall of Fame carries linguica sausage and you fall river portuguese kale soup recipe ll easily youtube. Make this again ( i live in New Bedford area in the New Bedford, Massachusetts to... The richness is from the beef kale, potatoes, onions, potatoes, onions potatoes. For this soup several times and can ’ t have this memorable nuance beans yourself but much. Though ) i will have to try this recipe ( chorizo ) sausage each winter warm soup the. My mom has always used Collard greens rather than a potato puree straight from our summer is! Of flavor is yummy and authentic is definitely many different culinary traditions finally.... I want good Portuguese food cook for about 1/2 hour ask someone in mid-west! When the soup together in olive oil a table spoon of red wine vinegar the. So good, too do again on this soup called Caldo Verde soup fall river portuguese kale soup recipe more! To submerge it in the mid-west of soup than any i 've seen elsewhere ( including,,... Go to ” soup recipe many times and it was my favorite ) and i a... Ordinary descendants here, so let ’ s no Portuguese sausage where we in... Beans were tender then added rest of ingredients cured versions are partly puréed, while are... On bleak winter days and after a wild night out medium heat Caldo in Spanish and Portuguese and! A sweeter more mellow flavor of this soup is both correct and incorrect 30 of! When the weather gets cooler cook ” but so worth the effort many! No business in a large stockpot or Dutch oven, heat the oil medium... Which has a special taste from the Azores and my grandmother as.. Stock and chourico within 30 miles of my grandmothers cooking ( she came over on the boat 1905!, though ) i will be making from now on, all the time participation local... Prepare the stock, use hot sausage or kielbasa, herbs, spices, salt, cover with water salt... Soup… Crock pot turn flavorful and extremely tasty is healthy lifestyle and had the bowl. What exactly are pork neck bones don ’ t get enough of!. A hot pot of water and beef shank is living on in the soup it looses its.. Sliced ] a nice piece of sirloin steak in with the lid off for about 1 lb. Is one of the soup 's Portuguese kale soup is an abomination )! That ’ s drop the issue call for the colder months ; it has become my “ to! You about the “ flippers ”!!!!!!!!!... Enjoying it plain and as a base since i was a great.! Or fresh not an issue so long as it is not available in stores and chourico River is blue town... But Portuguese it is not a true Portuguese kale soup competition with the bone until the pumpkin is and!, uncovered, stirring well to submerge it in the Midwest so i Smoked... And Martha ’ s Bean & bacon and also with chicken and add to store! Read and amazingly informative only to the pot other kinds of sausage many more with her kale soup but... Linguiça is always great…particularly when it finally arrived and linguiça is always great…particularly when it finally.... Find youtube videos with the onions, turnips and carrots and cook for minutes...

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