No promotions or reviews yet I've been in the industry for 20 years and can affirm the rule: you don't get raises from your current employer. > At my annual review last year I received more stock along with a pay increase. Given that compensation in the Valley can go up 10% a year, and a significant portion can come from stock and bonus, I find data on GlassDoor to be fairly useless. It's probably one of my favorite narrations (I've got over 120 audiobooks under my belt now). Make quicker progress toward your goals. I'd love if it had a way to show me only information from the past year. :). I'll have to disagree with your exception as well. I'm a TPM III, 10 year experience in consulting before coming to Amazon, former developer and dev lead. If you're feeling especially ballsy (and very confident in your ability to find another job quickly) you can say, "I'm not familiar with these at all, and my grandpa (R.I.P) always told me to get everything reviewed by an attorney before signing it, so that's what want to do. This is the case at most companies. Job level: 6 I have overseen 25-30% increases for developers as part of a normal salary review process as recognition that their experience at the current company had grown them in to more senior developers. Outside of the actual software industry, sure. Ask HN: How much do you make at Amazon? If you currently earn less than what you can expect to receive elsewhere for the same work, you are underpaid. Yes, back when I graduated (with a prior internship at a big tech company) my amazon offer was over 100k, similar sign-on bonus, 150k stock. Yup, they really took advantage of us new grads. Yes. Also, was your 7 years of experience before you got the Google offer? That doesn't always look as enticing to someone as $250K salary. I always imagined that voice actors would have arbitrary pauses between the delivery of every line, and it'd be the editor's job to tighten all of those up. Funny that you mention this, because the character limit forced me to cut this out: While it doesn't help for all of that, looking at H1B data on a site like. I got to read medium-to-high quality novels and create the audiobook experience. Also had the same exact bump in salary while working for a media company after my managers manager realized my pay grade. I'm fairly sure my team has two people in the "club". I found that my salary at Amazon was always far too low given what I did, and my job titles were not at all representative of the job I actually did (for the 2nd and 3rd jobs they were almost entirely software engineering jobs.). E.g. I have friends who have totally gotten the $1m RSUs/year for 4 year offers from both Google, Facebook and others. In exchange, I agree to pay you $y. Amazon employees may not make huge cash salaries, but they get sweet stock packages. Average hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.89 per hour for Quality Control Supervisor to $49.75 per hour for Senior Business Development Manager. An Amazon Delivery Partner in your area makes on average $65,387 per year, or $1,513 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $63,874. Over time this pretty much cuts you out of any industry where there are waves of creative destruction. Far from trying to apologize for anyone related to that lawsuit, but in my opinion what happened was a set of people thought they could get away with certain stuff because "everyone in the industry is doing it". Then, using the Amazon Flex app, navigate to each destination, deliver the package that corresponds with that address, and deliver smiles wherever you go. The flip side of this is that it's very difficult to get fired, even if you're not very competent. Otherwise, its a fair concession on Amazon's part. Amazon rewards ambitious workaholics. The law they cite only seems to cover employees sharing pay with each other (and anything else involved in collective bargaining), but I can't see that it clearly authorizes. What are the steps along the way? I expect about $225 to $250k in 2016. E.g you can easily pull $100k to $110k in base pay from similar companies out of school (think LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, Uber). I never explicitly threatened to walk out, but i did point out when i was substantially below market rate, and that was enough. After making all re-records and inserting the new audio, the audio is listened through one more time. At-will cuts both ways. Gender: M Narrators actually do switch all character voices in real-time. A single human CEO can neither be credited for success nor blamed for failure in these cases. Once the economy recovered in 2003/2004-ish we eventually started hiring SEIIIs at >$120k starting salary. Basically, if your notice period is 1 month, you can opt to pay the company 1 month's salary instead of having to work that time. I've never been clear about the google hiring process and I've always heard mixed things from people who went through it. [1] That isn't to suggest that I suspect Amazon of taking part in any illegal activity. Level 6 is a senior engineer. > 140 RSU (granted at signing, almost none vested). And it also sounds really exhausting given the amount of material in a typical book. If those services cannot be replaced with $X then that's really the company's problem for taking advantage of the worker. [1], (I discovered a couple years ago that I really like audiobooks.). Pretty hard to sue when you have no proof except common sense. it's 800 over 4 years, and 600 over 18 months. MSFT gives something like a blanket ~10% higher offer to SV-area employees for this reason. I would have lost about 30% of my salary when converting to dollars. They call this a "QC pass.". Do you mean that's 800 RSUs overall or 800+600=1400 RSUs over 4 years? Before this thread gets too stale, I did find a legal paper from Duke, 2006, talking about how certain kinds of. I'm surprised that you've decided to move to Seattle instead of switching to another company in SF. Salaries posted anonymously by Amazon employees. Who is good for this business of delivering packages for Amazon? What questions did they ask during your interview at I now work in a development position at a large tech company for which I'm overqualified. in the area, then no stock should absolutely not be the primary means of compensation. The OP said in a follow up comment that his total comp is close to $130k which is a very good wage. So yeah, as internal promotion you have absolutely NO leverage regarding salary, if you want a salary increase and your organization is hungry for people but is having trouble in hiring (like it happens frequently in Dublin where the job market is quite competitive), I'd suggest you start looking around for a new job, accept the offer and then come back to your same team 4 months later. Luckily they moved in a much better place now. > I have to praise Google for the way the situation was handled. A shift of power is never welcomed by those whose authority is diminished.[2]. every year they give you 100k in stock? I worked for Amazon ( from 2011 to 2014. 2016 Stock Vest: 104 shares It can fluctuate a bit (so far only upwards for me). There are whole constellations of medium to small software companies you've never heard of that pay very well. I think most people probably won't decline a promotion, even if the raise is weak, because the alternative is no promotion and no raise. see, rights for any group are always an end run around rights somebody else would naturally have. Ironically I got paid more on every single vector (base pay, equity, relocation, sane vesting schedule) from this startup than from Amazon. IMHO you're being underpaid quite a bit with that base salary in the Seattle area. Also FWIW most states are at-will employment, and can fire you for no reason. I got my education in audio engineering at a leading music conservatory, so moving into audiobook editing was a pretty easy sell for me. I can mutually agree with my employer to leave early if necessary. If you get an interview, practice algorithms/data structures interview problems like crazy. It kinda made me not want to work at Amazon ever. How does someone get hired at Pretty much my experience too. There is another reason for a PIP: the employer thinks the employee has been doing their job badly but could do acceptably well. The company was remarkably consistent about … 600 RSUs in the first year = $440,000 Good ones do long term consulting, and get closer to the 200k range. "Thank you for all your hard work. I don't see why it would be more motivating than just getting the current cash value of the stock, in a situation like Amazon's where you _maybe do, maybe don't_ really influence the stock price. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. Compensation at Amazon typically is a combination of a base salary, a signing bonus (distributed over time), and a stock grant. Average base salary per year: $153,900. The best argument I've heard on this front is about diversifying risk. a remote work position the US without first quitting their old job. I was able to get Audible to buy me a license for Wavelab and I never really got anyone else to switch, but it made me. The average monthly salary ranges from approximately ₹ 15,000 per month for Developer to ₹ 32,313 per month for Software Engineer. The issue is not on-boarding costs. Speaking as someone who just finished a 2-year rotation through Cape Town as an SDE - massive, core parts of EC2 are still there and aren't going anywhere. Another possibility i just realised is the possibility to pass texts from reader mode into 3rd party text-to-speech application. It’s simple: You use your own vehicle to deliver packages for Amazon as a way of earning extra money to move you closer to your goals. It's not like that has stopped companies from firing people in the past. Base Pay: $150000 Yeah that helps, but then the question is do you really want to work somewhere that directly ties your compensation to the company's share price? Ph.D plus 5 years post-doc (at Princeton.). Counting up, in the first 12 months, pay is about $670,000. I always see "well the employee can always leave at any time too," but is that really something that disappears in places without at-will employment? You have to use the Speech from accessibility menu, and turn Speak Screen on. LY Review Score: Exceeds A single counter example is sufficient evidence to disprove such a universal claim. So they busted out the competitive offer, and I was very happy. If this was a real concern, then we ought to see a persistent problem of high unemployment across the countries with long notice periods, but to my knowledge we don't. Do they give you the stock as a bonus at the end of the year, or are you promised it at the beginning and it gets doled out during the year? What exactly does this entail and how did you get started with it? 3. The team itself was excellent and I regret not joining, but I am glad I did not partly because of collapse of the Rand. ...really? the guy I spent most time on a performance improvement plan for was ranked "exceeds expectations" in every criteria three years in a row while I was there, and was given 15%+ raises each of those years. On the off-chance they're doing that because your performance is abysmal and you haven't improved enough from their informal intervention, if in PIP you managed to finally recover your performance, maybe they will let you stay a bit longer. He is not working at entry level engineering positions.He mentioned 4 years experience. Select your job title and find out how much you could make at Amazon. Good wage, yes. My first vesting with Amazon was over 5 years. Are you saying you write such influential code that you think you will manage to tip things in your favor on such a grand scale? I'm still there and love every second of it and am being given amazing opportunities that I know I wouldn't have gotten at Amazon. lets say they were dismissed after a violent attack on another employee or after being found stealing secrets fro the employers). At Amazon, RSUs are subject to a 4-year vesting schedule: 5% vests in the 1st year, 15% in the 2nd year, then 40% in each of the 3rd and 4th years (20% every 6 months). They can fire you for health reasons, they just have to be very careful when doing so. The gold standard for this is Douglas Adams' readings of the HHGTG books. > I have to praise Google for the way the situation was handled: the company didn't force the spreadsheet to be taken down (in fact, it's still up as I write this), nobody that I know of was fired for it and it generated a healthy amount of internal discussion. In case any students are curious how much Amazon in Dublin offers (Undergraduate) students. I've always been ranked in the top tier of employees wherever I've worked, and worked my ass off to make myself indispensable. at-will states can be terminated for violating pay secrecy rules. I suspect that internal candidates have less leverage in pay negotiations than do external hires.

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